Why Partner With Us?

Equity partnerships that preserve your independence.

Becoming a Blue Alliance IT partner provides an accelerated path to success without losing what makes your company special. Unlike traditional private equity investment where cost-cutting and increased profit margins are the primary objectives, investment by Blue Alliance IT enables you to focus on the business of your business – growing your team, serving clients, solving IT problems and building your brand. While all partners operate independently, Blue Alliance IT brings tangible impact and freedom through our unique shared services model.

Partners are not your competitors, but your competitive advantage.

Diverse expertise with shared growth objectives makes powerful allies, and we reinforce the strengths of like-minded MSPs with a growth platform that removes expansion and capital barriers. Blue Alliance IT partners share resources, support and leads throughout our national network of proven, vetted tech firms.

Take control of your company’s trajectory.

Infuse your business with independently controlled capital and expert support to achieve the high level of performance you’ve always envisioned.