Who We Are

An investment and growth platform for technology companies

Blue Alliance IT seeks to acquire small to mid-sized MSPs and IT-focused companies to harness the strength of their individual brands; deploy shared services and specialized expertise; and, ultimately, accelerate and amplify their growth. Unlike traditional private equity investment, Blue Alliance IT is led by MSP entrepreneurs like you with real-world experience, practical insights and an appreciation for the power of businesses built on relationships.

A unique business model backed by first-hand knowledge of the opportunities and challenges of growing a technology company.


We help MSPs and IT technology companies strengthen their client service offerings, streamline operations and scale their businesses. We understand that local relationships, trusted knowhow and personal service have long been the lifeblood of successful managed service providers and IT service companies. It’s how Blue Alliance IT got its start. And it’s the hallmark of our success today.


Our growth platform offers partners an established path to success and roadmap to realize their full potential. We provide operational support to our network of independently managed partner companies, implementing a centralized solution for HR, finance, recruitment and more. We
also equip partners with growth-focused tools and resources, including sales, marketing, CIO consultation and strategic planning services.


More importantly, Blue Alliance IT partners can extend to their clients 24/7/365 access to a national rapid response team and specialized experts in cybersecurity and data management. Our platform arms partners with the capabilities needed to compete and grow, while offering their clients the peace of mind needed to stay with their trusted, local partner.


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