Nick Recker

President & Founding Partner

Nick founded Blue Alliance IT as a solution to an ever-expanding challenge faced by small- to mid-sized managed service providers – keeping local IT relationships intact while delivering the enterprise-level service and protection demanded by today’s businesses.

Nick has been solutions-focused and relationship-driven since 2002 when he launched Path Forward, a company that started as an IT help desk for a busy doctor and soon grew into a thriving IT service model for a growing roster of healthcare practices around the country. Over the last two decades, Nick and his team have pioneered solutions designed to help healthcare clients improve patient engagement. In 2021, Nick reimagined what’s possible with each of his pioneering endeavors and began applying the insights, tools and technology to other high-impact, highly regulated market sectors.

Today, Nick continues to oversee Path Forward and its portfolio of companies – which include Path Forward IT, LYP Contact Center, PatientSync and Blue Alliance IT. While all have enjoyed complementary growth in the healthcare sector, the teams operate independently, serving clients in healthcare, manufacturing, finance and education.








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