Mike Estep

Founding Partner

With a passion for change and advancement and the role technology plays in shaping the future, Mike has always had a firm grasp on the IT landscape and how businesses strategically navigate it. As the president of BECA, an IT service company that has been a trusted technology partner to businesses for more than 30 years, Mike understood the challenges associated with growing an independent MSP in today’s fast-paced tech space, and he recognized the value to be gained by aligning with likeminded manpower and brainpower. In 2021, BECA became a founding partner of Blue Alliance IT.

Mike began his career teaching Novell networking administration classes in the late 80s and has continued to stay at the forefront of the industry as it has evolved. He has served on advisory boards for companies such as Microsoft, WatchGuard, Webroot and NetWrix, and his focus on protecting client data has guided his professional specialization. Mike is an active member of CyberNation and a board member of Infragard, a private-sector group working with the FBI to protect the data of private and public companies.

As CEO of Blue Alliance IT, Mike leads a deep bench of technology gurus that support a growing network of independently managed IT firms around the country.






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