Blue Alliance IT: An Innovative Approach and Future for the Tech World’s Trailblazers

Nick, Mike & Shaun | 10.13.21

The world looked to you to solve computer issues. Espouse the possibilities of the World Wide Web. Enable co-workers to communicate – from near and far – without ever picking up the telephone. Code. Build a website. Build a network. Teach computer basics and keyboard shortcuts. You helped usher the world into the 21st century of connectivity.

You brought companies and communities online, integrating core business functions using technology. You have been a steadfast partner to countless businesses, advancing the technology required to stay relevant.

Your pioneering path is familiar to us. We were early adopters of technology and we built successful MSPs. Business was good. But we each knew that business could be even better. We formed Blue Alliance IT – an investment and growth platform for technology businesses – to address capital constraints, realize synergies and pounce on the vast, untapped opportunities that were just out of reach for our independent companies.

The Power of Alliance

Technology is advancing at warp speed, and data protection and cybersecurity have evolved into a continuous global threat. The IT skill sets businesses need to compete have never been more comprehensive and specialized. Blue Alliance IT gives independently managed IT companies the brainpower and manpower to strengthen client service offerings, streamline operations and scale their businesses.

Preserving and Growing Your Business

It’s the IT Wild West out there – investment opportunities are abundant for tech businesses. The Blue Alliance IT approach is a bit different. On our leadership team, you’ll find tech-focused, seasoned entrepreneurs with real-world experience, practical insights and deep appreciation for businesses built on trusted relationships and hard-earned reputations. Your business’s most important assets – your employees, clients and the brand you worked so hard to build – are not afterthoughts. They are foundational to our collective success and future. For us, a future that doesn’t protect the people and core values we worked so hard to build was not an option.

We invite you to learn more about the Blue Alliance IT investment and growth platform we created to help independent tech companies scale and realize their full potential. After all, the tech world’s trailblazers need to band together to not only survive but thrive.


Nick Recker       |        Mike Estep       |        Shaun Sexton